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Our Toddler room is very similar to our Wobbler room. We expand on the things they learned in the Wobbler room, and continue to develop the social, mental, and physical skills. 

Toddler Schedule and Activities

Our toddlers schedule is very similar to the wobbler room. 

One big thing that we work on in this room is potty training! Ms. Sheri is an absolute wizard with potty training. We also work on every day skills to help them be more independent. The teachers help each child to learn how to put on socks and shoes, how to use a zipper and buttons, and how to put on their clothes by themselves. Sometimes we underestimate how hard these skills can be! 

We want our toddlers to be able to express themselves verbally. Our teachers work with the students to see what their body needs, and then verbally express what they are wanting. These skills are a step into moving to our preschool program.

Toddler Schedule

Toddler  Program

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