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Infant Program

From 6 weeks to 12 months old.

In our infant room, we provide a soothing atmosphere focused on each baby's natural feeding, sleeping, and play patterns. We strive for the most at-home environment as possible ensuring full comfortability.

Infant Schedule

Program information

Our infant rooms offers feeding, changing, napping, and play. 

  • Our environment encourages babies to learn fine and gross motor skills. 

  • Music and singing are used in the classroom for language and social development. 

  • Group play is used in our classroom to promote positive social interactions. This could look like playing in the ball pit, the tent, or another sensory activity!

  • Outside play is encouraged. We have a covered play area designed for babies. The floor is padded and has baby safe activities in it. During the warmer months, we like to take walks in the big red strollers or play with a water table.

  • Feeding schedules are important! We offer lunch and snacks to your child depending on your time here. We encourage each baby to feed themselves to learn how to use utensils, cups, plates and more. It is messy, so we ask to bring another set of clothes, just in case!

  • We like to get creative! We explore art in multiple different forms. We use paint on our hands and feet to create. And you get to take it home!

  • We have a no shoes policy in our room so babies are able to crawl around. If you would like to come visit, or breastfeed your child, let us know and we will provide a space for you to do that. 

  • We want to partner with you for the most ideal childcare experience. We will  work with you about introducing foods, and activities for your baby. 

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