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Our family tree in the classroom! 

Preschool Program

As the toddler room lays the foundation of our independence, preschool enhances the self help skills and independence!

Preschool can be a fun, exciting time as children's brains are experiencing multiple developmental gains at a rapid speed. Their little bodies are full of ideas, thoughts, and experiences. In our classroom, we work on taking the things they know and using that to help them to be successful. This is through self regulation, peer interaction, learning to make choices, and how to communicate your needs verbally. 


Another area in our classroom for big feelings and how to work through them.

In the preschool classroom, children are encouraged to problem solve critical think. They are encouraged for collaborative play and imaginative play as well as the introduction to emotions and self regulation. We encourage and spend time recognizing our emotions in a safe and age appropriate way. This practice best prepares them for the Pre-K classroom.

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